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CPA – Crazy Panda Action? No…

Marketers are no different from other professions or hobbyists in that they have all kinds of jargon and  acronyms like CPC, ROI, EPC, LTV – Cost Per Click, Rerturn on Investment, Earning Per Click, Life time value.  One such acronym is Cost Per Action – you could say that Cost Per Click (CPC) is a subset of CPA as it is an action.  Another action would be somebody filling in an email address or a survey or calling a number – each of those you can get money as they are potential leads.  Different niches and markets will pay different amounts for a specific action.  A hot lead for a chiropractor is from a page that is specifically targeting patients in their geographical location would be more valuable than an email from an unrelated site for example.

Seth Godin talks about permission in his book Permission marketing.  The more information you are asking for i.e. the more permission  you are requesting then the more trust or incentive you need to provide.  Some people use the dating analogy – you most likely would not ask somebody for all their info on your first meeting – “You’re nice – can I have your phone number, email address, postal address..” and the girl is thinking “I think I got a freak on my hands”

There are various CPA Networks that act a go-between between the person wanting to market their product and service and marketers who can target customers.   Let’s take a quick look at an example CPA network and an example CPA offer

http://www.clickbooth.com/ likes to claim it is the
It says in small next to it Website magazine with no link so I’d take that with a pinch of salt specially when you see that it was voted that in 2009.  As with my daughters history or english homework you want to check the reliability of the source.  I see the same thing in restaurants e.g. Best Indian Restaurant in Hertfordshire but was voted for years ago – well why haven’t they won in subsequent years? resting on their laurels?  The same chef may have moved on years ago… marketing guff as I like to call it

Anyway I am doing my own guff so back to the point in hand – when you come to the site you have two choices  – you are either looking for customers or you are looking to promote:

Yeah all you squares in your suits – we are the cool kids in shades and a t-shirt and a mohican bringing you all those customers :).

So I will focus on the Affiliate side

So you have a choice of the CPA or the CPC network.  I will click on CPA network

They say they don’t accept over 80% of applicants so will see – be detailed in how you plan to promote offers and your experience in the application

I’ll check back in and continue once approved.